The first time I met you, we lived in different days
(existing 7 hours apart will do that to you)
We were separate from the beginning I suppose

But we cautiously folded our thoughts and dreams anyway
into fragile paper airplanes
And threw them across the great divide
What we sought I do not know

You got busy
So did I
Or maybe we both just became more involved in the world around us
Perhaps our friendship had outlived its usefulness
Maybe it is time for me to let go and move on

For whatever reason (it doesn’t really matter I suppose)
The once well traveled highway of our friendship became a deserted road

We don’t talk much now
And I wonder if you even remember the time when we did
But I am so thankful for the care you gave me
In those times of pain

Don’t ever stop writing

(I don’t believe in goodbyes but if I ever wrote one it would probably look like this)

if i am the moon, you are the sun

the sun shone for the moon
and the moon became
radiant from reflecting the sun’s rays

(but stars are much brighter
than moons, you know)
and perhaps that us why
(slowly) the sun shone on the moon no more

but turned away [toward the stars]
the nights wander endlessly now
(and some say the heliophila
tore her apart)

some call the skies “the heavens”
but it just feels like hell to her

I saw the sun today (bright & radiant)
he looked happy [I am glad]
we ignored the existence of each other
you are my sun (no more)